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Train cover

If you like your alt country a bit heavy on the alternative side, with light classic rock touches, then look no further than Train's debut disc. Fronted impressively by vocalist/songwriter Patrick Monahan and supported by strong, guitar-driven pop melodies, this is easy listening rock with crafty edges and unforgettable tunes. "Eggplant," "I Am," "Free," and "Meet Virginia" crackle with inspired hooks and reflective lyrics. Train's music is direct and basic. All around, Train is a total package of good music with smart songcraft.

Review by Roxanne Blanford


Track Listing

Track Title Length
1 Meet Virginia 4:00
2 I Am 4:29
3 If You Leave 3:29
4 Homesick 4:39
5 Free 3:58
6 Blind 5:01
7 Eggplant 3:11
8 Idaho 4:57
9 Days 4:39
10 Rat 4:32
11 Swaying 4:13
12 Train 5:34
13 Heavy 3:49

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