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Tell Me

Tell Me cover

Prefacing his third regular album, Boatlift, Pitbull's single "Tell Me" is a change of pace for the Miami-based rapper. It is a slow romantic ballad featuring Ken-Y and Frankie J The latter wails the song's lovelorn lyrics, plaintively complaining that his lady love is dumping him and he's unhappy about it. The track is really more of a Frankie J record with a guest rap by Pitbull than the other way around, but when the nominal leader finally gets to the mic, he reinforces and details the complaint about a love gone sour and at least hints at why the romance is over. Acknowledging gossip about his infidelity, he counters, "Everything they say is monotonous." That's not exactly a categorical denial, and the rapper admits that being with him isn't easy. Nevertheless, he and his singing alter-ego, Frankie J, are broken up about the pending breakup. This is a different Pitbull from the one we have heard heretofore, not quite sensitive, but with a tear in his eye and a choke in his voice.

Review by William Ruhlmann


Track Listing

Track Title Length
1 Tell Me [Main] 4:36
2 Tell Me [Instrumental] 4:36
3 Tell Me [Acapella] 4:34
4 Tell Me [Callout] :15

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