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Lil Wayne

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Lil Wayne

If I Die Tonight

If I Die Tonight cover

As usual as with Lil Wayne and his in-between album activity, the big break after Tha Carter IV meant plenty of features and mixtapes. The former get rounded up on the latter here, and all without Lil Wayne's input from the sound of it, as no shout-outs or DJ drops interrupt the music. Instead, it's just straight-up tracks you know if you're more than a casual fan, and in the case of "She Will" and "Gucci Gucci," tracks you know if you owned a radio in 2011. Still, you get the full cuts, just in varying quality with some sounding like they've come off the masters, some sounding like they're mastered too hot, and some sounding like they're a poor Internet stream. A mixed bag with some gems and some dreck in there, and if you're surprised, welcome to the world of unofficial mixtapes.

Review by David Jeffries


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