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Chris Brown

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Chris Brown


Graffiti cover

Most of Graffiti is a natural progression for Chris Brown. Like many young cred-seeking male singers who have just exited their teenage years, Brown emphasizes womanizing and hedonism and balances it out with a couple clean and empty ballads, as well as a couple relatively lighthearted Europop numbers. A handful of songs deal with his relationship with Rihanna, as well as the fallout from his assault of her.

Review by Andy Kellman


Track Listing

Track Title Length
1 I Can Transform Ya 3:48
2 Sing Like Me 4:15
3 Crawl 3:56
4 So Cold 3:38
5 What I Do 4:00
6 Famous Girl 3:39
7 Take My Time 4:38
8 I.Y.A. 3:08
9 Pass Out 3:53
10 Wait 4:30
11 Lucky Me 5:10
12 Fallin 4:11
13 I'll Go 3:05
14 Girlfriend

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