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The SongFreaks App for iPhone: Finally!

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Imagine if you will that there was a way to miniaturize a version of the very website you’re on right now (with even more amazing features packed in), and that by some act of sheer technological wizardry a bunch of dudes living in California who don’t sleep much had developed a portable device that could display said "application" in the palm of your very hand, anywhere, anytime – although the battery life left a little to be desired. You sitting down? You got your helmet on?

The future is now, my friends.

Yes, to cut a long and somewhat half-baked premise short, the SongFreaks App is now available on the iTunes App Store, and with a little help from a few blogs it's already rocketing to the top of the Italian music app charts. When I think of "Lo Stivale" ("The Boot") I think of the work of Michelangelo and Da Vinci, some of the best food ever imagined, the runways of Milan, Vespas, and now SongFreaks. Great taste, the Italians.

Really, though, it’s not hard to see why it’s been such a hit. With the fully-licensed, hand-edited lyrics to millions of songs, tons of artist info, top charts and the ability to save your favourite lyrics so you can view them any time, it’s a music lover’s dream. But what really sets the SongFreaks App apart from the rest is our brand spankin’ new LyricStream technology, which highlights the lyric lines in time with the music. To round it all off we’ve got a built-in player that’ll play any of the songs in your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad music library.

All in all, pretty cool – if we do say so ourselves. To download the app, visit the iTunes App Store and let us know what you think!

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